Psappha Kids:Music Explained is a free resource specially devised to support the teaching of classroom music for children aged between 7 and 11 years.

Psappha Kids: Music Explained is a web-based resource that supports specialist and non-specialist teachers of music for 7 to 11 year olds in order to improve children’s access to and engagement with music.

The lesson plans that accompany the resource have been developed by children’s composer and educationalist Alison Carver.

Psappha Kids includes: lesson plans that give teachers a clear method to teach the syllabus and develop class-based musical activities and extension work, supported by Psappha’s musicians via a series of short films; introductions and explanations of the specially chosen music by Tom McKinney (BBC Radio 3 presenter and Psappha’s guitarist); films of full performances of the featured works; and interviews with the players so that children can ‘meet’ the musicians and their instruments.

Not a music specialist? No problem!

We provide a fun scheme of work that you can deliver, which includes:

  • Lesson plans that provide a clear method to deliver the music curriculum, develop class-based musical activities and extension work
  • Insight from Psappha’s world-class musicians through a series of short films
  • Introductions and explanations by Tom McKinney (BBC Radio 3 presenter and guitarist)
  • Filmed performances of each piece
  • ‘Meet’ the musicians and their instruments

History of the World in Seven Acts by Michael Gandolfi

Full Scheme of Work