Elliott Park  INSIDE VOICE
Kieran Timbrell  sunday – elevations .
Fraz Ireland  
That looks like a good book, what’s it called?
Christian Drew More Parlour Music
Sarah Cattley  Scuttle

With Psappha Benjamin Powell (piano)


Tonight we share six brand new works for piano performed by Benjamin Powell and created through Psappha's 2021-22 Composing for Piano scheme.

Our Composing For... schemes began back in 2013 and have supported the creation of more than 160 new works to date. The aim of the scheme is to give emerging composers direct access to one of Psappha's core musicians or a special guest over an extended period of 8 - 10 months. Through a series of one to one workshops the composer and musician get to know each other personally and musically and a new work is created through this collaboration.

The culmination of the scheme is a day in which we film all six works. We're very proud to share six fantastic performances tonight by Benjamin through a set of 4K films.

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