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Psappha is an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation and a PRS Foundation Talent Development Partner supported by PPL and in association with Youth Music

Support from Trusts and Foundations

Psappha is grateful for the support it receives from The Britford Bridge Trust, The Fidelio Charitable Trust, The Peter Maxwell Davies Trust, The Schubert Ensemble Trust Commission Grant Scheme, and The Thistle Trust.


Psappha Patrons

We are grateful for the support we receive from our Patrons.

  • Platinum Patrons
    Mr Brian Elias
    Professor David Horne
    Mr Will Fulford-Jones
    Dr Donald Mather
    Ms Katherine Stross
    Dr Kathleen Whale
    Mr Tim Williams

Gold Patrons
Ms Lucy Armstrong
Mrs Anthea Boulton
Mr David Boulton
Professor John Casken
Mr Robert Davidson
Professor John Garside
Miss Elaine Gould
Mrs Hilary Holloway
Mr Craig Imrie
Professor Douglas Jarman
Mrs Angela Jarman
Ms Jennifer Langridge
Professor Camden Reeves
Ms Dorothy Taylor
Mr Anthony Ward
Mr Richard Wilson
Mr Edwin Williams

Silver Patrons
Dr Peter Eccles
Mr Martin Ellison
Mr Norman Fitt
Dr Anthony Gilbert
Professor Adam Gorb
Professor Philip Grange
Mr Tom Harrold
Mrs Chrystal Hart
Mr John LeGrove
Professor Ivan Leudar
Mr Laurence Rose
Dr Philip Thomas
Professor Alison Wearden

Bronze Patrons
Mrs Carolyn Ellison
Ms Josephine Lewis
Ms Kath Russell
Dr Richard Whalley
Dr James Williamson
Mr David Woonton