Peter Maxwell Davies Eight Songs for a Mad King

Peter Maxwell Davies – Limited Vinyl Release of Eight Songs for a Mad King


In 2014 Psappha released a limited edition recording of Eight Songs for a Mad King on vinyl. After an initial release of 50 albums we withdrew the album due to distribution issues. The Covid-19 pandemic has given us time to set up sales directly from our website and we’re able to release the remaining LPs.

The recording was made in 2012 and was supervised by the composer. This was the first recording of the work to have the direct involvement of the composer since the 1971 recording by The Fires of London.

The limited release of only 500 bespoke LPs was pressed on 180g vinyl to capture the warmth and depth of sound that only vinyl can offer.  The sleeve includes a hand written number (from 1/500 to 500/500). In addition to the album, purchasers will also receive a card containing a unique code and web address from which they can download a digital copy of the recording at no extra cost.

During Max’s lifetime Psappha performed Eight Songs for a Mad King more than 60 times and worked closely with the composer to fine-tune Psappha’s performance to be as close as possible to what Max intended.

The album will be dispatched to you in a superior quality vinyl mailer.

The Performers:

Kelvin Thomas – baritone

Conrad Marshall – flute

Dov Goldberg – clarinet

Richard Casey – piano

Tim Williams – percussion

Benedict Holland – violin

Jennifer Langridge – cello

£24 per album + Shipping costs


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