Past Schemes

About ‘Composing for…’

Psappha has been running ‘Composing for…’ since 2013. The programme supports the creation of new works by emerging and early career composers by providing sustained, one-to-one contact with expert musicians. Please scroll down to watch and listen to the works created through our past schemes.

We include non-Western instruments in our schemes (guzheng in 2017-18, Eastern European folk instruments in 2018-19, and both sitar and freebass accordion in 2019-20).

We encourage applications from composers from different musical genres and we seek to attract applications from candidates that reflect the diverse society in England and the UK. Equal opportunities data (which we collect on an anonymous basis) is helping us to track and target those who are currently under-represented.

We publish data relating to the gender, ethnicity, disability status, and sexual orientation of our applicants and participants as we believe that transparency is an important tool to effect change.


In 2017-18, 19% of applicants and 21% of participants were female. In 2018-19, 31% of applicants and 37.5% of participants were female. As part of our Keychange pledge we are seeking to achieve a 50:50 gender balance for ‘Composing for…’ participants by 2022.


In 2017-18, 10% of applicants and 4% of participants were from a BAME background (including those who identify as mixed race). In 2018-19, 9% of applicants and 8% of participants were from a BAME background (including those who identify as mixed race).


In 2017-18, 14.5% of applicants and 12% of participants identified as having a disability. In 2018-19, 12% of applicants and 8% of participants identified as having a disability.

Sexual Orientation:

In 2017-18, 15% of applicants and 17% of participants identified as LGBTQ. In 2018-19, 23% of applicants and 29% of participants identified as LGBTQ.

The data above excludes applicants and participants who chose to answer “prefer not to say” in our anonymous equal opps survey.

Composing for French Horn (2018)

Messer, Samuel Stray
Bullen, Richard Carne Levare
Laidlow, Robert Invisible Horizon
Miller, Richard E. Rats Alley
McDonnell, Anselm Testimony
Wee, Bertram inept fragment

Composing for Guzheng (2018)

Randle, Rhiannon Sepia
McPherson, Henry Crocus
Friel, Patrick Gazing at Mountains

Composing for Flute & Clarinet (2018)

Polevaya, Sophya Pocket Nursery Rhymes
Paxton, Alex TWOChant with Paints
Hunt, Edmund The Fields Beneath Lough Foyle
Davies, Shaun micro-stressors
Stevenson, George Algol
Gravina, Euchar the one was the other

Composing for Violin & Cello (2018)

Jones, Patrick John The Vanity of Small Differences
Murphy, Lewis In Sea
Robertson, Ailie 100 Colours, All of them Grey
Aileen, Sweeney Numb
Fenton, Hutson Constrained
Iball, James wellwolker

Composing for Piano (2017)

Allan, Robert Reid The Palace of Light
Coblentz, Hunter Quiet Music, Music for Piano
Fardon, Daniel Foil
Harris, Lillie Vitreous
Roche, David John Ten Acre Riots!
Forbes, Gregor Terraces

Composing for flute (2017)

Cryne, Michael In Cloud Light
Ho, Alex As if we had not been
Longworth, Peter Arabesque
Mattison, Liam Imagined Balcony scene #2 For Solo Piccolo
Leomo, Kevin Nocturne for alto flute
Barkley, Daniel Slither and Snap (2)

Composing for Percussion (2017)

Armstrong, Lucy Space Adventure
McPhee, Lucy Transmitting for percussion and looping pedal
Howard, Dani Shades
Mark, Brian Invocation
Bonet, Núria Satan Nasal Pie
Comerford, Rory Blues for Clavé

Composing for Trombone (2017)

Morgan-Williams, Bethan In Kenopsia
Valdez, José Rafael Subía Long to Reign Over Us
Hoyle, James Albany Eikon
Elton, Clare On the surface
Haines, Caroline Electro-Acoustic Study (Sludge)

Composing for Clarinet (2016)

Williamson, James Fault-Klang
Gaddas, James Scattered
Ekmektsoglou, Manolis Subtraction Melody
Slater, Angela Elizabeth Nacreous Contours
Cole, William Loure
McReynolds, Richard Recur

Composing for Cello (2016)

Harrold, Tom Speechless Skies
Roth, Alex Movement, Change, Light, Growth, Decay
Hirst, Jordan Crooked Trees
Mackay, Shona Cloud Hands
Hennell-Foley, Nicholas For Cello
Smith, Neil Tòmas Line as Shape in Time

Composing for Violin (2015)

Riley, Andrea Shaking the Patterns (world première)
Sully, Sophie Ythsie (world première)
Carroll, Mark A collection of violent impulses (world première)
Dyer, Mark Growing Space for Artefact (world première)
Martin, Barnaby LEDA ATOMICA (world première)

Composing for Cimbalom (2014)

Velastin, Xavier Relapse Regret (world premiere)
Bonet, Nuria Pota (world première)
Geyer, Leo Jasmine (World premiere)
Betteridge, Michael Mancunian Drizzle