A to Z list of films and recordings

Aileen, Sweeney Numb
Allan, Robert Reid The Palace of Light
Armstrong, Lucy Space Adventure
Barkley, Daniel Slither and Snap (2)
Bernstein, Leonard Trouble in Tahiti
Betteridge, Michael Mancunian Drizzle
Bonet, Nuria Pota (world première)
Bonet, Núria Satan Nasal Pie
Brown, Joshua Moments
Brown, Joshua Sextet (world première)
Brown, Joshua String Trio (world première)
Brown, Joshua Tobacco (world premiere)
Bryars, Gavin The Sinking of the Titanic
Bullen, Richard Carne Levare
Burgess, Anthony The Waste Land
Calver, Steven Luminae (world première)
Carroll, Mark A collection of violent impulses (world première)
Casken, John Winter Reels
Chappell, Daniel Lee Nereid (world première)
Chivers, Nathaniel Ballerina
Coblentz, Hunter Quiet Music, Music for Piano
Cole, William Loure
Comerford, Rory Blues for Clavé
Coult, Tom Enmîmés sont les gougebosqueux
Crosse, Gordon A Year and a Day, Op. 48a
Crosse, Gordon L’Enfant Sauvage (world première)
Cryne, Michael In Cloud Light
Davies, Peter Maxwell Antechrist (1967) – with spoken introduction by the composer
Davies, Peter Maxwell Eight Songs for a Mad King (with subtitles)
Davies, Peter Maxwell Eight Songs for a Mad King (without subtitles)
Davies, Peter Maxwell Sonata for ‘Cello & Piano (2007) Sequentia Serpentigena – with spoken introduction by the composer
Davies, Peter Maxwell Stedman Doubles (original 1955 version)
Davies, Peter Maxwell The Lighthouse (Part 1)
Davies, Peter Maxwell The Lighthouse (Part 2)
Davies, Peter Maxwell The Trojan Games (UK première) – with spoken introduction by the composer
Davies, Shaun micro-stressors
Documentary, Short Contemporary Music For All 2016
Documentary, Short Psappha Live at Islington Mill - 24th March 2014 – short film
Duarte, Mario Achtli (world première)
Dyer, Mark Growing Space for Artefact (world première)
Dyer, Mark Insubstantial Pageant Faded (world première)
Eccles, Yvonne Multiple Infection (world première)
Ekmektsoglou, Manolis Subtraction Melody
Elias, Brian Geranos
Elton, Clare On the surface
Fardon, Daniel Foil
Feldman, Morton For Aaron Copland
Fennessy, David 5 Hofer Photographs (English première)
Fennessy, David Piano Trio
Fenton, Hutson Constrained
Forbes, Gregor Terraces
Foskett, Ben On From Four
Frampton, Will The Greening Variations
Friel, Patrick Gazing at Mountains
Gaddas, James Scattered
Gandolfi, Michael History of the World in Seven Acts
Geyer, Leo Dots (world première)
Geyer, Leo Jasmine (World premiere)
Geyer, Leo Secrets in the Oak (world première)
Gilbert, Anthony Anthony Gilbert introduces his work ‘Nine or Ten Osannas’
Gilbert, Anthony Nine or Ten Osannas, Op.10
Goves, Larry Four Letter Words
Goves, Larry a glimpse of the sea in a fold of the hills (UK première)
Grange, Philip Cimmerian Nocturne
Grange, Philip Tiers of Time
Gravina, Euchar the one was the other
Haines, Caroline Electro-Acoustic Study (Sludge)
Harris, Lillie Vitreous
Harrold, Tom Speechless Skies
Hellawell, Piers Sound Carvings from Rano Raraku
Hennell-Foley, Nicholas For Cello
Henze, Hans Werner El Cimarrón (Part 1 of 2)
Henze, Hans Werner El Cimarrón (part 2 of 2)
Hirst, Jordan Crooked Trees
Ho, Alex As if we had not been
Horne, David Resonating Instruments
Howard, Dani Shades
Hoyle, James Albany Eikon
Huckle, Sebastian The Glass (world première)
Hunt, Edmund The Fields Beneath Lough Foyle
Iball, James wellwolker
Jegede, Tunde Kora Concerto (world première)
Jones, Patrick John The Vanity of Small Differences
Joyce, Molly Rave
Kidane, Daniel The Devil's Overture (world première)
Kin-yat, Li The First (world première)
Knibbs, Chloe Malayalam (world première)
Kopecek, Josh the warrior fallen (world première)
Laidlow, Robert Invisible Horizon
Langston, Timothy Ménage à trois (world première)
Lee, Jae Hong Argument (world première)
Lee, Jae Hong Nocturne (world première)
Leomo, Kevin Nocturne for alto flute
Leung, Slash Samadhi (world première)
Lewis, Samuel Wesley Alone Time (world première)
Ligeti, György Aventures and Nouvelles Aventures
Ligeti, György Chamber Concerto
Ligeti arr. Elgar Howarth, György Mysteries of the Macabre
Lin, Chia-Ying 2Q13 (world première)
Lin, Chia-Ying Shan Shui for Flute, 2 Percussion and Piano (world première)
Lo-yan, Cheng Weaving (world première)
Longworth, Peter Arabesque
Lutyens, Elizabeth Islands
Mackay, Shona Cloud Hands
Mackey, Steven Deal
Mahler arr. Arnold Schoenberg, Gustav Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen
Mahler arr. after Arnold Schoenberg, Gustav Das Lied von der Erde
Man-hin, Ho Chi (world première)
Mark, Brian Invocation
Martin, Barnaby LEDA ATOMICA (world première)
Mattison, Liam Imagined Balcony scene #2 For Solo Piccolo
McDonnell, Anselm Testimony
McPhee, Lucy Transmitting for percussion and looping pedal
McPherson, Gordon Stunt Doubles
McPherson, Henry Crocus
McReynolds, Richard Recur
Messer, Samuel Stray
Miller, Richard E. Rats Alley
Morgan-Williams, Bethan In Kenopsia
Murphy, Lewis In Sea
Ni Riain, Ailis 2 Steep 4 Sheep (some hills are)
Nicolson, Alasdair Punch!
Norris, Richard Diapsalmata (musings after Kirkegaard)
Park, Soojung Coexistence (world première)
Park, Soojung Looking over the Land (world première)
Parker, Aaron 5 1 ° 1 2 ’ N / ° 5 5 ’ W – 8 1 1 5 (world première)
Pauly, Mauricio La Prisa Educable
Paxton, Alex TWOChant with Paints
Polevaya, Sophya Pocket Nursery Rhymes
Pui-shan, Cheung Voice-Coloured Dance
Rainier, Priaulx The Bee Oracles
Randle, Rhiannon Sepia
Reeves, Camden Nanomia Cara
Reeves, Camden Random Keys (world première)
Reich, Steve Clapping Music
Reich, Steve Triple Quartet
Riley, Andrea Shaking the Patterns (world première)
Robertson, Ailie 100 Colours, All of them Grey
Roche, David John Ten Acre Riots!
Roth, Alex Movement, Change, Light, Growth, Decay
Shafiee, Sayyid Sempadan (world première)
Sheen, Jack Five miniatures/ndcirclingandcirclinga
Simpson, Mark Ariel
Slater, Angela Elizabeth Nacreous Contours
Smickersgill, Carmel Far from Home
Smith, Neil Tòmas Line as Shape in Time
Smárason, Halldór it means what you think it means (world première)
Soria, Rosalia Holly (world première)
Stevenson, George Algol
Sully, Sophie Ythsie (world première)
Summerley, Nevada Ebullition
Swithinbank, Chris Wegen & Waldstille (world première)
Tsz-ting, Cheung Goodbye Again, Cambridge (world première)
Turnage, Mark-Anthony Grazioso!
Turnage, Mark-Anthony Slide Stride
Tweedie, Marc Gréasaîn
Valdez, José Rafael Subía Long to Reign Over Us
Velastin, Xavier Relapse Regret (world premiere)
Vivier, Claude Et je reverrai cette ville étrange
Vivier, Claude Glaubst du an die Unsterblichkeit der Seele?
Vivier, Claude Journal
Vivier, Claude Paramirabo
Vivier, Claude Shiraz
Walker, Mike Ropes
Webern, Anton String Trio Op.20
Wee, Bertram inept fragment
Whitall, Charles Infernal Mechanism
Whiteman, Nina The Galaxy Rotation Problem (world première)
Wilde, Emma Erebos (world première)
Wilde, Emma Janus
Williamson, James Fault-Klang
Wilson, Ian Humpty Dumpty (world première)
Wing-him, Liu The Endless Line is Deadline (world première)
Wishart, David Cynic (world première)
Wishart, David Soft Rain [...eyes shut] (world première)
Wong, Wing-sang Mountains and marshes (world première)
Yi, Liu The Forest is Raining (world première)